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3月05日 週日


Blue Note Taipei 台北藍調

台北藍調 首週週日特演 麥可王原創四重奏 MWQ | Every 1st Sunday 0305

每月的首週週日夜晚 長號名家王于維 集結樂壇拔尖好手 將帶來精彩的個人原創曲目 Every 1st Sunday, led by amazing trombonist Michael Wang, the stellar group will perform his originals [ 王于維 Michael Wang | Trombone ] [ 葉政廷 Yeh Cheng Ting | Piano ] [ 謝宗翰 Han Hsieh | Bass ] [ 黃子瑜 Fish Huang | Drums ]

台北藍調 首週週日特演 麥可王原創四重奏 MWQ | Every 1st Sunday 0305
台北藍調 首週週日特演 麥可王原創四重奏 MWQ | Every 1st Sunday 0305


2023年3月05日 下午9:00 – 下午11:00 [GMT+8]

Blue Note Taipei 台北藍調, 10647台湾台北市大安區羅斯福路三段171號4F



NT$550 入場費含一份選定飲料 精選紅白葡萄酒單支開瓶 可抵兩位入場費

晚間九點開演 八點入場 Starts: 9pm Open: 8pm

Live Music Charge w/1 selected drink. Live Music Charge for 2 ppl cover one bottle wine.

[ 王于維 Michael Wang | Trombone ]

長號手Michael Wang是國際爵士樂界新興的人才。生於台灣,在美國長大,曾獲得伯克利音樂學院的全額獎學金,並於2012-2017年就讀。Michael畢業後,移居紐約開始與Mingus大樂隊,Frank Lacy,Slide Hampton,Valery Ponomarev,Josh Evans大樂隊等藝術家合作 2010年發布了首張專輯“Bone of the Wang Vol. 1”in 2020。然而,好景不常,三月紐約疫情突然大爆發,波及了無數的爵士樂酒吧,前景堪憂,在沉寂數月後,他決定回到他的出生地台灣尋找演奏的新契機。回台後,他很快找到了數位優秀的樂手組成四重奏,開始了紐約到台灣的爵士之旅。樂團成立的宗旨是願藉由表演專輯上的樂曲、爵士樂標準(Jazz Standard)和其它現代樂曲來推廣更多Bebop的曲風。由於在紐約其間他受到許多大師,如Roy Hargrove, Frank Lacy 和 Johnny O'Neal等的薰陶和指導,他希望透過他的演奏,讓台灣喜歡爵士樂的朋友能欣賞到第一手的傳統紐約Bebop,進而與國內樂手做更深度的交流。Trombonist, composer, and arranger Michael Wang is an up and coming talent in the NYC music scene. Originally from Sacramento, California, Wang began his studies on the trombone at the age of eleven. In 2012, he moved to Boston to begin his studies at Berklee College of Music as a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, where he studied with Phil Wilson, Marshall Gilkes, David Santoro, George Garzone, Darren Barrett, among others. He was a member of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute under the direction of Danilo Perez, from 2013-2016. During his time in school Wang participated in several jazz trombone competitions, becoming the winner of the American Trombone Workshop's "Division 1" solo competition in 2015 and was a finalist in the ITA's Carl Fontana and JJ Johnson Competitions, in 2015 and 2016. After graduating Berklee, Wang moved to New York City in 2017 where he began performing regularly with groups such as the Mingus Big Band, Frank Lacy's Smalls Sextet and "Tromboniverse," Josh Evans' Big Band, Pedro Giraudo's Jazz Orchestra, Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Alexi David's "Three or Four Shades of Mingus," David Chamberlain's "Band of Bones," among others. He also occasionally leads his own quintet, performing at venues such as Smalls and Fat Cat in Greenwich Village. His debut album, called "Bone of the Wang Volume One," is set to be released in January of 2020 under Outside in Music's "Nextlevel" label. It features Jonathan Elbaz on piano, Giuseppe Cucchiara on bass, Kazuhiro Odagiri on drums, and Juan Felipe Mejia Tobon on percussion, who perform Wang's original compositions and arrangements.

[ 葉政廷 Yeh Cheng Ting | Piano ]

葉政廷靠著完全以''聽音''的方式自學爵士鋼琴十多於年 在學生時代用極大的耐心去模仿爵士專輯的每一個音符與樂句 再將音樂用自己的靈感詮釋出來 早期喜歡的爵士時期為Swing風格 因此自我進修爵士鋼琴時 Swing的風格奠定了爵士鋼琴的基礎 演奏時在和聲或是即興的表現 都會有強烈的傳統爵士聲響 日後由於自己喜愛的爵士風格為Bebop因此深受薩克斯風手Charlie Paker以及小號手Dizzy Gillespie與鋼琴手Bud Powell的影響。

[ 謝宗翰 Han Hsieh | Bass ]

求學期間師事Bart de Nolf, Christophe Walleme, Petros klampanis, Jasper Holby 等多位歐洲著名音樂家。同時也參與許多演出:盧森堡爵士音樂節、代表處總統就職晚宴、歐盟拉脫維亞國慶晚會、變身博士音樂劇等大大小小的音樂活動。其作品受到歐洲當代著名音樂家Diederik Wissels, Kris Defoort的高度肯定。  喜愛揉合不同風格的他,致力於賦予聽覺更多想像,遊走在傳統爵士於現代音樂當中,2019年返台後活躍於許多爵士樂活動當中,現為職業樂手與音樂教育工作者。

[ 黃子瑜 Fish Huang | Drums ]

活躍於兩岸三地音樂圈,不時參與各大音樂節、演唱會、專輯錄音活動;近年更以爵士樂手身份參與各地爵士演出。至今已參與/發行過五張爵士專輯,也錄製過無數藝人的專輯作品,不僅為華人巨星劉德華指定世界巡回演唱會鼓手,更曾以 Band Leader 的身分與伍思凱於亞洲進行了近20場演唱會,2020年更受邀擔任台灣金音獎評審一職。近年子瑜重心放在台灣香港兩地,除了爵士與流行的演出與製作之外,更致力於推廣爵士鼓教育,經營「黃子瑜鼓教室」YouTube 頻道。現為Canopus Drums、Meinl Cymbals、Schlagwerk 代言人,樂團「R.O.O.T」鼓手。Huang is a Hong Kong based drummer and an active musician who is easily found in major music festivals and concerts across Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South-East Asia. Besides recording albums for himself and other musicians, he has emerged as a jazz musician and made himself relevant in jazz in the past few years. Huang was also dubbed as the Best Drummer of Yamaha Asian Beat Grand Final, and started his career in the entertainment industry with a contract signed with B’in Music in 2012. He is currently an endorser for Canopus Drums & Meinl Cymbals.

如遇不可抗拒因素而替換演出樂手 恕不另行公告之

歡迎光臨台北藍調 歡迎同樂爵士 Welcome to Blue Note Taipei. Welcome to the Jazz World.


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