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7月20日 週四


Blue Note Taipei 台北藍調

台北藍調特演 瘋狂爵士夜|Babu's Crazy Jazz Night 0720

邀請觀眾一同見證爵士樂美妙的音樂化學反應,由Babu領銜著她的瘋狂爵士樂團,為您帶來最為搖擺與瘋狂的爵士夜晚!Witness the on-stage musical chemistry of Babu and her crazy band.She and her musicians are going to rock' n 'swing for you. [ 郭佳音 Eunice Babu | Vocal ] [ Falk Bonitz | Piano ] [ 林后進 Hou Chin Lin | Bass ] [ Chuck Payne | Drums ]

台北藍調特演 瘋狂爵士夜|Babu's Crazy Jazz Night 0720
台北藍調特演 瘋狂爵士夜|Babu's Crazy Jazz Night 0720


2023年7月20日 下午9:00 – 下午11:00 [GMT+8]

Blue Note Taipei 台北藍調, 10647台湾台北市大安區羅斯福路三段171號4F



NT$500 入場費含一份選定飲料 精選紅白葡萄酒單支開瓶 可抵兩位入場費

晚間九點開演 八點入場 Starts: 9pm Open: 8pm

*本店僅收現金 Cash Only*

Live Music Charge w/1 selected drink. Live Music Charge for 2 ppl cover one bottle wine.

週一至週四 入場費單點紅白葡萄酒 買一送一

BOGO on House Wine from Mon. to Thur.

Entrance Fee Included.

『Miles Davis said...“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”“Don't play what's there, play what's not there.”“Do not fear mistakes. ...“For me, music and life are all about style.”』

[ 郭佳音 Eunice Babu | Vocal ]



目前為爵士現場演出歌手、廣告配唱歌手。曾參與演唱的作品包括ZA系列化妝品廣告、三陽機車、奇威服飾、2018 the body shop主推廣告、蕭敬騰兄弟我說MV配唱。

In her singing you can notice each song has a new character.

Currently regularly jazz restaurants and wedding singing performances. She has sang for several jingles and music video's opening.

In 2015 she had her first Jazz concert with the pianist, Jeff Lu, drummer Jose Stewart.

2016 working with Foundation Music and won the second prize in Chinese tradition music reward. She was also the lead vocal in 2017 The Danzz Quintet. 2018 summer played in Spain with The Groove Connection.

 [ Falk Bonitz | Piano, Composer ]

在德國學習古典鋼琴的鋼琴家和作曲家福克·博尼茲從未忘記自己在歐洲音樂中的根源,但他對爵士樂、非洲音樂和拉丁音樂的迷戀長期以來一直伴隨著對創造力的真實渴望。看他無拘束地融合各種風格:利用他在劇院、藝術表演和古典音樂方面的經驗,在鋼琴上創造出獨特的音景。他與自己的爵士三重奏組以及Rachelle Jeanty(席琳迪翁的和聲.)、Yuval Ron 和 Keith Tynes 等音樂家一起在 20 多個國家巡迴演出,在蒙得維的亞爵士音樂節 (Montevideo Jazz Festival)和阿拉尼亞爵士音樂節(Alanya Jazz Festival)等國際音樂節上演出。他的音樂曾在德國、歐洲和日本的雜誌、電視和電台中發表。

Pianist FALK BONITZ is a virtuoso. He began playing at the age of eight and was classically trained for ten years. He then moved on to jazz, and to his favorite style, latin jazz. Brilliant composer, his piano trio debut album ''Märzsonne'' is rapidly bringing him to the front of the young German music scene as one of its most innovative talents. Shaped by his experience in the theater world, as well as with different formations, Falk's versatility as a pianist flows from jazz to pop, from soul to swing and classic to rock'n'roll, which he brings to the stage with a stroke of genius and a fun, warm, friendly personality. He has been performing with his own jazz trio as well as with internationally acclaimed artists in jazz clubs, churches and concert venues in more than 20 countries worldwide.

[ 林后進 Hou Chin Lin | Bass ]

Our Piano Tiro貝斯手 多次與國際爵士音樂家合作,包括美國、荷蘭、波蘭、以色列、日本;常受長榮交響樂團邀演擔任貝斯手,曾在國家音樂廳、台北國際會議中心、小巨蛋、台中國家歌劇院演出;自己所屬的樂團Our Piano Trio在2014年台北爵士音樂節演出,現今活躍在台灣各大展演中心。

[ Chuck Payne | Drums ]


如遇不可抗拒因素而替換演出樂手 恕不另行公告之

歡迎光臨台北藍調 歡迎同樂爵士 Welcome to Blue Note Taipei. Welcome to the Jazz World.


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